Balloons and Environment

We believe that we have a task to take care of our planet and work and live environmental friendly and give a good example to the next generation.

Our materials

The balloons we use to create this exhibition are made from 100% natural latex. They are created from the sap of the rubber tree. This is a complete natural process. Watch the video here

Our waist

We want to give a good example and create no litter. This is why we don’t release any balloons in the air and educate children to not litter balloons in nature but throw them in a trashcan. 

The last magic from the Balloon Worlds we create happens in the end. Because we create our dream worlds with 98% air in the end of the exhibition after two months we only end up with a few dozen garbage bags. And this we clean up and dispose responsibly. 

Our art

Our love for nature can always be seen in our art. We love to create natural looking animals and other exotic elements from nature out of balloons. This way we hope to bring the beautiful world of nature a little bit closer to everyone at home.